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Specialty Travel

We want to make things as personal as possible for you.  So when it comes to Business Travel Management and Destination Weddings/Honeymoons, we created separate sites to devote to the unique needs of these types of travel.

Destination Weddings & Honeymoons
Our romance side of the company is called Enchanted Getaways.  We pride ourselves in catering everything to the couple.  Whether you are planning a beautiful destination wedding, a private honeymoon or a celebtratory anniversary, we are here to smooth the way and make everything perfect! 

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Business Travel Management
We will collaborate and consult with you to find the perfect balance between service and fiscal management to create your company's one-of-a-kind business travel program. When you combine your company knowledge with our travel expertise, everything comes together.  Let us demonstrate how a customized business travel program can help you achieve your business travel financial goals.  See what we can do for your company!

Everything Else!
Many of our agents have completed extensive training to earn the title of specialist in specific destinations and have earned certifications with specific tour companies, hotels and more. Whatever type of travel you're seeking-- leisure or business, our agents have the education, first-hand travel experience and travel industry relationships to help make your dream vacation a reality!

So if you're looking for an agent with knowledge on a specific destination, travel style, or brand, take a look at our Connect With An Agent page!  You can narrow down the agents by searching for specific travel interests and destinations.

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